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ZOR means Excellent! In Uzbek. And it is ZOR’s vision to bring an excellent vision of Uzbek culture to Dubai – on a plate.

Staying true to our roots, our friendly team creates a signature ZOR experience for each of our guests from the moment they enter our doors. We invite diners to enjoy a first-hand experience of what Uzbekistan is truly about, showcasing hearty and delicious flavors that reflect the rich culinary heritage and culture of our nation. We want you to leave saying ZOR!

Uzbek cuisine has an amazing history and is seen as a melting pot of flavours and spices. Embedded with influences from a number of neighbouring nations including Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Mongolia, many Uzbek recipes have centuries-old histories and are prepared with various rituals that elevate the dining experience to all-new heights. The main idea behind the creation of ZOR is to tell this story and bring out the soul of this amazing culinary culture.


As an artistic culinary representation, every bite is filled with authentic Uzbek flavor and the juiciest of spices, to leave guests speechless. In order to remain faithful to this authenticity, we source our ingredients from various provinces in Uzbekistan, spices from the Tchor-Su market in Tashkent and also use recipes that blend from numerous regions and eras of Uzbekistan. No trip to ZOR is complete without sampling our OSH – is the crown jewel in what we bring to the UAE.

Our team is committed to showcasing generations of historic charm through each and every meal, served in true Uzbek style. The dining experience is elevated by the overall ZOR ambiance, with the décor, music and crockery all contributing to an immersive and heartfelt display of generosity and shared values.  Diners will not fail to be overwhelmed with this sensory feast, fast falling in love with the Uzbek culture, cuisine and personality.


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